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The implementation of infrastructure construction, residential construction, urban construction and municipal construction has greatly promoted the development of the construction industry. And in the long run, the construction industry will never be in decay, because the renewal and construction of houses, as well as the people's requirements for supporting facilities with improvement of the quality of life, all promote the continuation and development of the construction industry. However, the development of the construction industry cannot be separated from the contribution of organosilicon materials. Organosilicon materials are very popular in building construction industry. They have plenty of application as, e.g., protective coating and sealing materials which can be used to protect buildings, increase their strength and improve their performance.


Used as building sealant: Building sealant, a kind of building sealing material, is mainly used in the joint sealing of buildings. It will solidify into an elastic rubber material and stick on the building with functions of sealing, waterproof and leak-proof, after use. Silicone building sealant has become the mainstream product of building sealant because of the advantages of stable properties, super anti-UV, resistance to ozone, weather resistance, thermal resistance. At present, silicone sealant has various types. It can be divided into one-component sealant and two-component sealant according to the packaging form. According to their use, it can be divided into glazing sealants and construction sealants.

Used as building sealant

Used as architectural coating: With the deepening of the research on architectural coating, the performance requirements are more and more strict. Nowadays, organosilicon as architectural coating has shown excellent performance in waterproof, weatherproof and antifouling. Therefore, in recent years, more and more research works focus on the use of organosilicon to prepare architectural coatings, especially in preparation of waterproof coatings. For examples, the building waterproof coating can be prepared by use of silicone rubber and silane monomer as the base material to prepare, and it can also be prepared by using silicone rubber, organosilicon monomer and silicone resin to modify organic polymer.

Used as architectural coating

Used as waterproof agent for building materials: Using the compound of silane and siloxane, organosilicon waterproofing agent can be prepared through a series of processes. The waterproof agent can seep into porous masonry and other building materials which can form silicone hydrophobic film on the building materials surface through dealcoholization reaction with hydroxyl group on the building materials surface. The hydrophobic film has excellent hydrophobicity, high and low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance and salt resistance that can significantly protect the building materials from cracking, freeze-thaw damage, chemical denudation, microbial growth, etc. The waterproof agents are widely used in the surface waterproof treatment of glass, ceramics, concrete, sand and other building materials.

Used as  w aterproof agent for building materials

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Alfa Chemistry has many years of research strength in the field of organosilicon applications and is committed to promoting the further application of organosilicon in construction industry. We can provide customers with a variety of organosilicon products and related technical support and services for construction industry. Today, we have served many companies and organizations in construction industry, and our high-quality products and technical services bring great benefits to them. If you require any assistance, please contact us and our team will provide you with fullest support at the most abundant experience and the most affordable price.

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