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Organic Silane


In industrial production, the daily necessities industry, the construction industry and the biomedical industry, organosilicon reagents and related silicon reagents are widely used in synthesis and manufacturing applications.

Organosilane reagents have the advantages of low toxicity, high stability, high abrasion resistance and good biocompatibility, and are excellent substitutes in many cross-coupling reactions. Organosilanes have the following important applications:

  • Silane protection and its derivatization reagents
  • Organosilanes used as reducing reagents
  • Silanes in Cross-Coupling Chemistry
  • Allylsilane for stabilization of α-carbofluoride and β-carbocation

As a bridge between organic and inorganic materials, silanes are widely used as adhesion promoters in numerous applications.Figure 1. As a bridge between organic and inorganic materials, silanes are widely used as adhesion promoters in numerous applications.

The classification

  • Silicon functional organosilanes

A class of organosilanes with functional groups directly attached to silicon atoms is RnSiX4-n, where R is an alkyl group, an aryl group, an aralkyl group, an alkaryl group, and hydrogen.

  • Carbofunctional Organosilanes

A class of organosilanes with functional groups connected to them, namely YR-Si(Me)nX3-n, where Y is a functional group (-NH2, OCH2-CH(O)CH2, OCOMe=CH2, Cl, OH, SH ), X is a monovalent easily hydrolyzed functional group (halogen, MeO, EtO, AcO, Me3SiO), R is a hydrocarbylene group, and n is 0-1.


Compared with functionalized organic materials, silicon-based materials can achieve a wider range of application requirements. Organosilane products can achieve efficient application through functional modification, and silicone products can improve surface properties, water resistance, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.

Personalized customized products

Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has been committed to providing high-quality silicone-related products, which are widely used in chemical production, medical equipment, construction industry, daily necessities consumption and other industries. We offer a wide range of silicone materials, and we can efficiently customize products that are not on the list to meet many stringent requirements.


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