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Custom Synthetic Silazane


Custom Synthetic Silazane

Silane is the compound of silicon and hydrogen, it is a general term for a series of compounds, which general formula is SinH2n+2, including silicon-hydrogen compounds and other derivatives of silane. Silane is an important additive in industrial production. Owing to its inorganic and organic properties, it has been widely used in many fields, including microelectronics industry, steel industry, machinery industry, chemical industry and optical industry. Silazane products are the classification of silane and play an important role in chemical production. Alfa Chemistry has a well-equipped laboratory, strong knowledge background and experienced scientific research and technical personnel, which has a complete system for production, helping customers design and synthesize the required silazane products.

Our Services

Silanes are usually produced in the form of additives, which mainly to improve the wear resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance of the material. Alfa Chemistry is a company specializing in organic chemistry. It can synthesize the required products according to the requirements of customers, and can make appropriate suggestions for existing formulas. Alfa Chemistry has provide a dedicated quality testing and evaluation platform to strictly control the quality of products to ensure product quality and reliability. Our services for silazane products include but not limited to:

  • Synthetic and custom silazane products
  • Testing of silazane products
  • Evaluation of the performance of silazane products

Our promises

Alfa Chemistry can provide customized synthesis services for silazane products, which has a complete quality assurance system, strictly monitors the synthesis process, and can report the progress of production in real time, and can submit intermediate product qualification certificates to ensure product reliability, compliance and efficiency.

Synthesis and customization process

Alfa Chemistry focuses on organic chemistry and its goal is to produce high-quality silazane products. Silazane products are usually the raw materials for the synthesis of their silicone products, therefore, their functional design and synthesis are of great significance. The product customization process includes consulting, signing a contract, prepayment, designing synthetic routes, synthesizing products, paying the balance, product quality testing, issuing product information reports and mailing samples. If the custom synthesis is unsuccessful, we will refund your deposit in full.

Our advantages

  • Provide a variety of competitive silazane products
  • Custom synthesis has a short cycle and high cost performance
  • Complete quality registration platform to ensure product eligibility and reliability
  • Visualize the production process to help customers grasp the synthesis progress and product quality
  • Each step of the product will issue a product report to ensure the high quality of the product

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the development of highly performances silazane products, aiming to improve its performance and expand its applications. If you want to know more about silazane products related information, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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