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Custom Synthetic Silicone

Silicone, which molecular structural formula is (CH3)3SiO[(CH3)2SiO]nSi(CH3)3, is a series of polydimethylsiloxanes with different molecular weights, the viscosity increases with the increase of molecular weight. Silicone has excellent properties and is usually made into various consumer products and industrial products, it has a wide range of applications in the fields of healthcare, electronics, construction engineering, and personal care. Alfa Chemistry focuses on organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, and can design and synthesize products according to customer needs. In addition, Alfa Chemistry has a professional quality monitoring platform, it can issue appropriate parameters and performance reports for customized products, and it can provide customers with high-quality services.

Our Services

Silicone products have many advantages, which are usually used to improve the flexibility, water resistance, low temperature and high temperature resistance of the product. The main forms of its products include solids, liquids, lipids and paste-like solids. Alfa Chemistry can realize customized synthesis of silicone products, submit health and environmental performance tests, and enhance consumers' awareness of silicone materials. In addition, Alfa Chemistry also has a dedicated regulatory agency that can provide corresponding safety information and reports. The services we can provide regarding silicone products include but are not limited to:

  • Custom synthetic silicone products
  • Inspection of silicone products
  • Performance analysis of silicone products
  • Modification of silicone products

The application

The silicone products have many benefits, including improved flexibility and resistance to humidity, heat, cold, and ultraviolet radiation. Silicone can be made in many forms, including solids, liquids, semi-viscous pastes, oils, greases, and rubbers. Silicone products have the following applications:

  • Care products: used as additives for cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, and detergents
  • Electronic products: good insulation performance, used in electronic equipment
  • Solar cell industry: Silicone is an ideal material for solar panels and photovoltaic applications
  • Construction industry: used in silicone sealants and caulks
  • Paint additives: enhance the cold resistance and flexibility of the paint
  • Garment industry: Enhance the durability and water resistance of fabrics

Our advantage

  • Provide a wide range of silicone products
  • Few custom synthesis steps, short cycle, high cost performance
  • Provide reliable suggestions for product modification
  • Complete quality assurance system to ensure the high quality and compliance of synthesized products

Custom synthesis proces

Alfa Chemistry focuses on high-quality silicone compounds, which can customize synthetic silicone products according to customer needs. The process of its customized services for silicone products includes: consulting samples, signing contracts, down payment, scheme design, payment of the balance, custom synthesis, quality monitoring, report issuance, and sample mailing.

Alfa Chemistry aims to provide high-quality silicone products with the purpose of improving product performance and expanding its applications. If you want to learn more about silicone products, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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