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Development of Silicone Synthons


Silicones are widely used in many fields such as materials, medicine and agriculture, and have played a continuous and important role in promoting the development of human society and scientific and technological progress. The development of new silicone synthons is of great significance to promote the development of silicone chemistry. Alfa Chemistry provides silicone synthon development services to help customers synthesize organosilicon compounds efficiently.

What We Offer

Alfa Chemistry designs and develops various silicone synthons, which can be used for the total synthesis of natural products and the development of organosilicon bioactive molecules and material molecules, including but not limited to the following:

  • Geminal bis(silanes)
  • Silicon heterocycles
  • Silicon spirocycles
  • Cycloalkane silicon
  • Silanes
  • Alkenyl silanes
  • Allyl silanes
  • Silicon boron reagents
  • Silicon zinc reagents
  • ...

Our Advantages

Development of Silicone Synthons

Strong development capabilities

Our team is proficient in the design and synthesis of silicone synthons. With proficient problem-solving skills and a high success rate of projects, we have the ability to develop various silicone synthons for customers, with scales ranging from milligram level to kilogram level.

Development of Silicone Synthons

High quality service

We provide one-on-one service to ensure that you are informed of the project situation in a timely manner at all stages of the project. In addition, we will develop personalized experimental plans according to the different needs of customers.

Our Service Process

Development of Silicone Synthons

Customer inquiry

Contact us and suggest the type of silicone synthons you desire. If you are confused in this regard, we can also provide you with advice based on your research purposes.

Development of Silicone Synthons

Plan development

After clarifying your requirements, we will determine the feasible synthetic substructure and formulate an experimental plan.

Development of Silicone Synthons

Plan execution

After the plan is confirmed by you, we will further complete the project according to the experimental plan and keep in touch with you at any time during the process.

Development of Silicone Synthons

Project completion

Once the project is completed, we will arrange delivery in a timely manner.

Online Inquiry

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