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Organosilicon compounds, commonly referred to as organosilicon, usually refer to compounds containing Si-C bonds and at least one organic group directly connected to a silicon atom. Compounds linked to silicon atoms are also considered organosilicon compounds.


Sufficient methyl groups on Si atoms shield the high-energy polysiloxane main chain; CH is non-polar, which makes the intermolecular interaction very weak; Si-O bond length is long, and Si-O-Si bond angle is large. Si-O bonds are covalent bonds with 50% ionic bond characteristics (covalent bonds are directional, ionic bonds have no direction).

The structure of siliconeFigure 1. The structure of silicone


Organosilicon is a wide range of chemical raw materials. Through simple chemical synthesis, it can be further synthesized into chemical adsorbents. It has a wide range of applications in life:

  • Achitechive industry

Silicones are good adhesives that resist the effects of severe weather; silicone products are high-quality adhesives that provide warmth and insulation; silicones provide flexibility and reduce damage to buildings from low- to moderate-intensity earthquakes.

The application of silicone in construction industryFigure 2. The application of silicone in construction industry

  • Consumer goods industry

Silicone polymers and alkylene oxides can be used in solvents and carriers, such as deodorants, hair care, skin care, sunscreen products and cosmetics; silicones are flexible, resistant to bacteria and suitable for kitchenware; silicones are used in detergents and fabric softeners It can be used as a defoamer in the washing machine to reduce the water consumption and energy consumption of the washing machine.

The application of silicone in consumer goods industryFigure 3. The application of silicone in consumer goods industry

  • Electronic industry

Silicone sealants, adhesives and coatings are used in the production of circuits, connectors, capacitors, coils, transistors and tubes in electronic devices. Silicone protects various electronic components from heat, shock and contamination.

The application of silicone in electronic industryFigure 4. The application of silicone in electronic industry

  • Medical industry

Silicone is hydrophobic, hypoallergenic, abrasion resistant, stable and has outstanding biocompatibility, suitable for applications that require long-term implantation in the human body, such as molds, dental impressions, intravenous drug and blood transfusion systems, ventilation Bags, breathing tubes and catheters et al.

The application of silicone in medical industryFigure 5. The application of silicone in medical industry


At present, silicone materials are developing in the direction of high performance, multi-function and high efficiency. Through further processing, the performance of products can be greatly improved. Realizing the compounding of organic polymers and silicone materials belongs to the new direction of research and development of silicone-related products, and gradually develops in the following directions:

  • New additives, develop a variety of new products to meet the growing demand

By adding different types of additives, the thermal stability of silicone rubber can be improved and better results can be achieved.

  • Introduction of silicone products, modification of polymer materials to meet high standards

The introduction of special silicone products can improve and enhance the impact strength, precision of machining, and surface properties.

  • Cross-linking method

For the synthesis of silicone rubber, it is mainly prepared by condensation reaction. At present, various cross-linking agents for one-component RTV silicone rubber have been developed, which meet the requirements of low toxicity and high performance.

Customized product

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of silicone-related reagents that can efficiently customize products not listed to meet the exacting needs of customers.


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