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Custom Synthetic Silanols and Silanolates


Custom Synthetic Silanols and Silanolates

In general, silanol and silanolate contain exposed Si-OH, owing to its special molecular structure, inorganic and organic characteristics, they have a wide range of applications in the field of biomedicine. Alfa Chemistry studies organic chemistry, material chemistry and medicinal chemistry, can provide a rich variety of products, and can design and synthesize products according to the needs of customers, We have a complete product quality testing platform to ensure product eligibility and compliance, and we will try our best to meet customers' needs for product customization.

Our Services

Silane is the important additive in industrial production, owing to its combination of inorganic and organic characteristics, it is widely used in many fields. Usually, silanol and silanolate are the derivatives of silane with special properties and many applications in biological materials. Alfa Chemistry has the well-equipped laboratory, strong knowledge background and experienced scientific research and technical personnel, who can help customers design and synthesize desired silanol and silanolate products. Our services on this include but are not limited to:

  • Synthesis and customization of silanols and silanolates
  • Product testing of silanols and silanolates
  • Performance evaluation of silanols and silanolates

Synthesis and customization process

Alfa Chemistry aims to produce high-quality silicone products, improve the performance of the material, and broaden its application range. Silanol and silanolate are usually the raw materials for the synthesis of its silicone products, therefore, it is of great significance to realize its functional design and synthesis. The process of customizing products includes consulting, signing contracts, design synthetic route, synthesizing products, product quality testing, issuing product information reports, and mailing samples.

The applications

  • Surface modifier to improve the surface properties of materials
  • Biomaterials, which mainly because of their good biocompatibility

Our advantages

  • Provide a wide range of competitive, high-quality silane and silanolates
  • Synthesize and customize products with different concentration levels
  • Short synthesis cycle, high cost performance
  • Complete quality assurance system to ensure the products comply with standards and regulations
  • The synthesis process is as environmentally friendly as possible, green and energy-saving

Ability support

We can realize functional design and synthesis of products according to customer needs, and focus on the improvement and modification of product performance, making it an additive with excellent performance. Alfa Chemistry has professional and experienced experts, well-equipped and advanced laboratories, which are the basis and key to guaranteeing that we can provide products with excellent performance.

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the development of highly performances silanols and silanolates products, aiming to improve its performance and expand its applications. If you want to know more about silanols and silanolates products related information, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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