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Process Development

Process Development

Process development focuses on the optimization and scale-up of laboratory synthesis routes. Typically, the discovery phase of silicones takes place in the laboratory. Researchers synthesize small amounts of target compounds. If preliminary studies look promising, larger quantities of the compound will need to be synthesized. Through process development, laboratory synthesis routes can be transformed into safe, sustainable, reliable and cost-effective production processes to produce high-quality products. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with silicone process development services. We are able to independently develop new processes and synthesis routes to quickly and efficiently meet customer needs and help customers improve their market competitiveness.

What We Offer

Alfa Chemistry has hundreds of senior R&D personnel, kilogram-level pilot laboratories and large-volume reactors, which has laid a stable foundation for the process amplification and production of silicone, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of commercial production. At Alfa Chemistry, we provide a range of quality services from laboratory to scale-up production, including synthesis route design, quality management, process development and scale-up production. We can achieve the quantity, quality, safety, reliability and cost targets required to produce silicones at scale. No matter where you are in your process development process, our process research and development team can help you design cost-effective solutions to support product manufacturing at the scale you require.

Process Development

Our Advantages

Process Development

Alfa Chemistry has a dedicated silicone process development team with rapid process development capabilities and can provide support to customers at all stages of process development.

Alfa Chemistry has a number of advanced production equipment and instruments that can meet multi-functional production needs and ensure the high quality of silicones. It is worth mentioning that we also have a reliable quality monitoring and testing system to ensure that the silicone produced meets standards.

Alfa Chemistry provides "one-stop" services from small trials, pilot trials to commercial production to help customers improve efficiency.

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