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Custom Synthetic Silane Coupling Agent


Custom Synthetic Silane Coupling Agent

Silane coupling agents are mainly used in glass fiber reinforced plastics, and its molecular structure is generally Y-R-Si(OR)3 ( Y is an organic functional group, and SiOR is a siloxy group). The silane coupling agent has both inorganic and organic characteristics, and usually combine the organic layer with the inorganic layer. Based on the excellent properties of silane coupling agents, they are widely used in many fields. Researchers applied silane coupling agents to enhance the durability, water resistance and adhesion of materials.

Our Services

Silane coupling agents are an important additive in industrial production, which plays an important role in construction industry, textile industry, biochemistry, and environmental protection. Silane coupling agents have the characteristics of organic materials and inorganic materials, which are of great significance for improving the age performance, water resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance of the material. Alfa Chemistry is committed to the development of silane coupling agent products. With advanced laboratory equipment and instruments, and experienced experimenters, it can design and develop new products according to customer needs. Our services regarding silane coupling agents include but are not limited to:

  • Production customization of silane coupling agent
  • Detection of silane coupling agent products
  • Performance evaluation of silane coupling agent products

The applications

  • Surface treatment to improve the adhesion and mechanical properties of the product.
  • Filling with plastic, enhancing the dispersion, adhesion, compatibility and electrical properties of the filler.
  • Used as the tackifier for sealants, adhesives and coatings.

Our advantages

  • Provide a wide range of competitive, high-quality silane coupling agents
  • Capable of functional design, production and customization of required products
  • Short synthesis cycle, high cost performance
  • Complete quality assurance system to ensure the products comply with standards and regulations

Synthesis and customization process

Highly active silane coupling agents can be widely used in many fields, researchers have developed and used highly active silane coupling agents to improve the properties of materials. Alfa Chemistry is a biotechnology company based on customer needs, customizing products according to customer needs. The process of customizing products includes consulting, signing contracts, design synthetic route, synthesizing products, product quality testing, issuing product information reports, and mailing samples.

The prospects

Silane coupling agents are generally used as additives in resins to enhance the compatibility and adhesion properties of materials. The researchers of Alfa Chemistry aim to synthesize highly active silane coupling agents with the purpose of improving the properties of the material, including water resistance, cold resistance, transparency, adhesion and other characteristics, and expanding its use in the construction industry, glass production, and textiles industry, application in the rubber industry.

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the development of highly active silane coupling agents, aiming to improve its performance and expand its applications. If you want to know more about silane coupling agent related information, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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