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Custom Synthetic Organic Silane


Custom Synthetic Organic Silane

Organosilicon is an organosilicon compound, which mainly refers to the compound that contains  Si-C bonds,at least organic group is directly connected to a silicon atom. Traditionally, compounds containing Si-O bonds, Si-S bonds or Si-N bonds are also called organic compounds. Organic silane products have organic and inorganic characteristics, and excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, defoaming, adhesion, and electrical insulation. In addition, they can also be made by adding specific functional groups. The material imparts new characteristics. Alfa Chemistry focuses on organic chemistry, material chemistry and medicinal chemistry. It can provide a variety of materials and can customize products to meet customer needs.

Our Services

Organic silane products are applied in many fields, including the construction industry, electronic products, daily necessities, and the automotive industry. Alfa Chemistry has experienced experts in the field of organic silicon, and can formulate synthesis schemes according to customer needs to meet the demands of customers for high standards of products. The services we can provide regarding silicones include but are not limited to:

  • Design and synthesis of organic silane products
  • Quality assessment of organic silane products

Customization process

Our customization process includes query and calculation, contract signing, deposit payment, laboratory or factory customization, customization is completed, corresponding data and reports are provided, balance settlement and samples are delivered. If the customization fails, the deposit will be refunded.

Custom Synthetic Organic Silane

Chemical structure

The chemical structure of organosilicon is similar to that of modified adaptations. It contains Si-O bonds and the remaining substituents are alkyl groups. Based on this characteristic, the excellent chemical properties of silicone are given.

Our advantages

  • Excellent stability, chemical properties and long-term durability
  • Wide range of products, including lipids, release agents, defoamers, paint additives, paper coatings, water-repellent agents, and silicone rubbers that can be heat-cured or cold-cured, et al.
  • Design reasonable plans to achieve high purity, high quality products, and competitive
  • Simple customization steps, short cycle, high cost performance


  • Organic silane products are the indispensable key components in many fields. Through the conversion and modification of the silicone products, the subsidiary products of the silicone products are obtained. The applications of organic silane products include:
  • Construction industry: construction sealants, protective coatings and adhesives to help protect, strengthen and preserve buildings.
  • Daily necessities: silicone polymers and alkylene oxides are mainly used in solvents and product carriers, mainly in deodorants, hair care, skin care, sunscreen products, cosmetics, household polishes, detergents, et al.
  • Electronic products: silicone sealants, adhesives and coatings can be used to produce circuits, connectors, capacitors, etc. in electronic devices.
  • Medical treatment: silicone has stable chemical properties and good biocompatibility and durability. It can be used in medical molds, prostheses, ventilators and other medical appliances. It can also promote wound healing and improve wound appearance.
  • Automotive industry: It can be used for automotive parts, encapsulants, and improved high-performance materials.

Alfa Chemistry can provide customized services for silicone products, including design and development. If you want to know more about the customization of silicone products, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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