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Custom Synthetic Silicone Oil


Custom Synthetic Silicone Oil

Silicone oil refers to the linear silicone products that remain liquid at room temperature. Silicone oil products have many characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, good oxidation resistance, high flash point, low volatility, and low surface tension et al. The commonly used silicone oil is methyl silicone oil. Through functional design, some organic groups, such as -NH2, -OH, -COOH, the silicone oil products can replace additives to achieve the purpose of improving the performance of silicone oil. Therefore, silicone oil and its derivatives have a wide range of uses. Alfa Chemistry focuses on organosilicon chemistry and can customize the required products according to the needs of customers, it has experienced technicians and a laboratory with advanced equipment, which is the guarantee of excellent synthesis performance. Alfa Chemistry is customer-centric and does its best to meet customer needs.

Our Services

Silicone oil products are widely used in all aspects of life, including daily necessities industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical applications and chemical production. Generally, functional groups such as amino(-NH2), epoxy, carboxyl(-COOH), and phenolic hydroxyl(-OH) groups are introduced to improve their functional properties, and they have very important applications in paints, coatings, lubricants, cosmetics, and softeners. Alfa Chemistry's services on silicone oil include but are not limited to:

  • Custom synthesis of silicone oil products
  • Modification of silicone oil products
  • Silicone oil product performance testing and evaluation

Our advantages

  • They can improve the stability and water resistance of the product
  • Produce the wide range of reliable silicone oil products
  • Can customize high-quality products according to customer needs
  • Improve the performance of existing products

Customization process

Alfa Chemistry focuses on high-quality silicone compounds, which can customize synthetic silicone products according to customer needs. Silicone oil products are widely used in cosmetics, medicine and biomedicine. Alfa Chemistry provides the production and customization of silicone oil products. The main steps include: product consultation, contract signing, custom synthesis, sample quality inspection, and sample mailing.

The applications

Silicone oil products have the wide range of applications, not only for cutting-edge technology, aerospace, and new materials, but also for construction, electronics, textiles, automotive, chemical and light industry, metal paint, medicine and medical treatment. In daily production and life, the most commonly used silicone oil is methyl silicone oil. Owing to their stable properties, they often used as dielectric fluid, electronic grade liquid, heating or cooling fluid, diffusion pump fluid, constant temperature fluid, paint additives and home care products additives, lubricants and mold release agents.

Alfa Chemistry aims to provide high-quality silicone products to improve product performance and expand its application range. If you want to know more about silicone products, please contact us immediately.

It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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