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HOMSi Reagents


Modern organic chemistry belongs to the basic discipline, which provides functional materials for human life, and is very important for the development of chemical production, drug development, pesticide chemistry and other fields. In 2008, HOMSi reagents were developed and prepared by Prof. Hiyama and other staffs. At present, the range of silicone-related products has been expanded to thousands. HOMSi reagent is (2-hydroxymethylphenyl) dimethylsilane reagent, which is an excellent cross-coupling agent and can further synthesize other silicon compounds under mild conditions, as shown in the following figure:

A range of HOMSi reagents Figure 1. A range of HOMSi reagents

The features

  • Different functional groups (amino, ketone, nitro, cyano, hydroxyl and ester et al)
  • Supports coupling reactions of various halides
  • Silicon-centered, replaceable functional group

Wide applications

The structure of organosilicon is a polymer chemical material with [Si-O-Si-O]n as the main chain, and four bonds on the silicon atom are connected with carbonyl groups, including alkyl groups, alkoxy groups and aromatic hydrocarbons. Silicone has high and low temperature resistance, good insulation, good water resistance and good biocompatibility, and is widely used in the automotive industry, electronics industry, construction industry and energy industry. Researchers continue to develop high-performance products to meet the high standards of various industries to promote the development of related industries.

Performance improvement

At present, in order to improve the performance of silicone products, researchers start from the structure of silicone products, such as using the following methods: changing the size, shape, crosslinking density, etc. of the molecule; changing organic groups, such as alkyl, phenyl, ethylene bases, amino groups; improve the type of reaction; improve the type of fillers et al.

Customized product

Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has been committed to providing high-quality silicone-related products, which are widely used in chemical production, medical equipment, construction industry, daily necessities consumption and other industries. We offer a wide range of silicone materials, and we can efficiently customize products that are not on the list to meet many stringent requirements.


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