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Organosilicon compounds are widely used in many fields because of their unique properties, such as good biocompatibility, good flexibility, colorless, odorless, high transparency, hypoallergenic, high elasticity, and strong antibacterial properties. Silanol is a surface with strong oxidizing ability formed by the combination of the damaged surface of quartz particles and water molecules in the air or generates OH groups, which are negatively charged. Silanol is an important chemical raw material, which can be used as an intermediate, coupling agent and raw material, and has a wide range of uses. Alfa Chemistry has an advanced biotechnology team composed of professional researchers, experienced engineers and professional equipment, which can provide high-quality services to customers around the world. In the future, Alfa Chemistry researchers will strive to expand and innovate, insist on improving service capabilities and mastering advanced technologies, and continue to develop silicone products that can be applied to a wide range of applications to meet the growing demand.

We provide advanced silicone-related services that continue to meet and exceed customer needsFigure 1. We provide advanced silicone-related services that continue to meet and exceed customer needs

Structural properties

Silanol is based on the structure of silane compounds, replacing Si-C bonds with Si-O bonds, which contain organic groups and inorganic groups. A large number of functional groups can be modified on the surface of silanol, which can be modified efficiently.

We provide quality services to meet customer needs

  • Our team is composed of experienced experts and staff, from program customization, product customization and synthesis, to detection and characterization, our relevant personnel will be involved and responsible for the whole process, and can keep in touch with customers
  • We support customized services, can carry out functional design and development according to customer needs, and meet customer needs with high-quality products
  • We have a strict quality control platform to control quality and efficiency
  • We provide feasible solutions to meet needs with efficient and fast service
  • We insist on pioneering and innovating, constantly develop better quality silicone products, and insist on meeting the needs of customers

We provide customers with high-efficiency silicone-related products and services, insisting on meeting customer needsFigure 2. We provide customers with high-efficiency silicone-related products and services, insisting on meeting customer needs

Product customization

Alfa Chemistry integrates development, customization and sales, and has long been committed to the development of high-performance silicone products, including silicone raw materials, silicone intermediates and silane compounds. At the same time, we can also provide high-quality customized product services. If the product you want is not in our product list, please contact us immediately for customization.

About us

Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has adhered to customer-centricity and innovation, providing high-quality silicone-related products and services. Alfa Chemistry insists on providing high-quality services as a unique competitiveness, our experienced researchers can design and develop materials to meet the needs of customers in an efficient and fast way.


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