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Propylsilane is an important chemical raw material, an intermediate and an important silane coupling agent, which can be widely used in many fields such as industrial production, construction industry, medical equipment and consumer goods industry. Alfa Chemistry has been focusing on providing high-quality propylsilane and related products for a long time, insisting on customer-centricity, and providing customers with professional services and support. Alfa Chemistry's team is composed of experienced engineers and experts. While ensuring excellent product performance, it can also ensure product performance and advantages, adhere to the high quality of products as the first competitiveness, and continuously meet and exceed customer needs. In the future, we will continue to develop and innovate to meet customer needs with advanced services and technologies. We are committed to breaking through the technical bottleneck and strive to expand the product list to meet the needs of various customers.

Phenylsilanes can effectively improve the heat resistance and clothing resistance of silicone productsFigure 1. We provide high-quality services to meet customer needs in all aspects

About us

Alfa Chemistry has long adhered to customer-centered, innovation-oriented, and constantly meets customer needs. Our experienced team can solve many problems, continuously expand the application of silicone-related products, and maximize the quality of products. We insist on taking quality as the first competitiveness and meeting the needs of customers as the goal.

Quality assurance is our eternal pursuit

Alfa Chemistry adheres to customer-centricity, adheres to the top of customers, constantly develops and innovates, improves product performance and expands product categories to meet customers' high-standard needs.

Our team

  • Professional technicians, master advanced technology
  • Experienced engineers can reasonably solve a variety of practical problems
  • Experienced experts in the industry to design the most suitable, high-quality and cost-effective solutions
  • Have the world's top partners, understand development needs and trends, and continue to innovate and develop
  • State-of-the-art and advanced equipment to meet high standards

Our team consists of many experienced personnel, advanced equipment and high-quality partnersFigure 2. Our team consists of many experienced personnel, advanced equipment and high-quality partners

Customize high-quality services to meet customer needs

Alfa Chemistry has been engaged in the related research of silicone products for many years, and provides high-quality services and products to customers around the world. We have a professional team composed of experienced experts and researchers with strong knowledge background, who can rationally design solutions and solve practical problems. We always adhere to customer-centricity, adhere to meet and exceed customer needs, and serve customers in an efficient and fast way. We can provide a variety of high-performance and excellent silicone-related products. If the product you want is not in our list, please contact us immediately for customization.


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