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Silanetriol contains three hydroxyl groups and organic functional groups. Because of its non-toxicity, high safety performance and strong stability, it can be widely used as an additive in the beauty and hairdressing industry. Related silane triol products that Alfa Chemistry can supply include: methyl silane triol, carboxyethyl silane triol, 3-aminopropyl silane triol and (3-aminopropyl) silane triol. In the future, we will continue to expand product categories and enhance our service capabilities to meet the growing needs of customers.

The structure of silanediol has two hydroxyl functional groups and organic functional groupsFigure1. The structure of silanetriol has three hydroxyl functional groups and organic functional groups

The products we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Carboxyethylsilanetriol
  • Methylsilanetriol¬†
  • 3-Aminopropylsilanetriol
  • (3-Aminopropyl)Silanetriol


In addition to being an important industrial raw material and intermediate, silanetriol can also be used as an important additive. Because of its mildness, safety and non-toxicity, Silanetriol can be widely used in the beauty and hairdressing industry, such as hair conditioner, body lotion and eye products et al.

Silanetriol can be widely used in the production of cosmetics and skin care productsFigure2. Silanetriol can be widely used in the production of cosmetics and skin care products

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