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Custom Synthetic HOMSi Reagents


Custom Synthetic HOMSi Reagents

Silicon is the second most abundant element on the earth. The research on silicon compound reagents has been extensive, and its products types are still increasing. At present, researchers usually use HOMSi Reagents to convert C-H bonds into C-C bonds in cross-coupling reactions of organosilicon compounds. Generally speaking, in HOMSi Reagents, there are two aryl groups or one aryl group and one vinyl group on silicon. Under alkaline conditions, the silicon can be activated to grow the carbon chain of the organic substrate. At the same time, HOMSi Reagents are easy to prepare and recycle. Alfa Chemistry focuses on organic chemistry, material chemistry and medicinal chemistry, it can provide a variety of materials and can customize products to meet customer needs.

Our Services

HOMSi Reagents are important reagents in the coupling reaction, and its function-oriented design is of great significance. Alfa Chemistry has experienced experts in the field of organosilicon, and can formulate synthesis schemes according to customer needs to meet customer demand for high standards of products. The services we can provide about HOMSi Reagents include but are not limited to:

  • Design and synthesis of HOMSi Reagents
  • Quality assessment of HOMSi Reagent

Ability Support

HOMSi Reagents are mainly obtained by the reaction of organolithium or magnesium compounds with cyclic silyl ethers. Through a variety of methods, HOMSi reagents containing various functional groups sensitive to organolithium and/or magnesium reagents can be realized[1]. Alfa Chemistry has professional and experienced experiment experts who can design and synthesize customized products.

Our Advantages

  • Design a reasonable plan to achieve high purity and high quality products, competitive
  • Simple customization steps, short cycle, high cost performance
  • Meet customer needs for products of different purity
  • The synthesis process is green, environmentally friendly and less polluting

Customization process and steps

Alfa Chemistry is a leading customer-centric biotechnology company that can customize and synthesize products according to customer needs. Our customization process includes consultation, contract signing, deposit payment, starting customization (laboratory or factory), customization completion (providing corresponding data and reports), balance settlement and mailing samples. If customization is not possible, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Quality assurance and control

Alfa Chemistry has established a complete quality control system to ensure that its products meet the needs of customers. Based on advanced equipment and experienced experts, every aspect of the production of products can be transparent and controllable. In addition, we can issue appropriate data and quality reports for the products, and try our best to meet the high standards of customers for products.

Alfa Chemistry can provide customized services for HOMSi Reagent, which is of great significance to organic coupling reactions. If you want to know more information about HOMSi Reagent, please contact us immediately.


  1. Sebastian M.; et al. Improved Hiyama cross-coupling reactions using HOMSi1 reagents: a novel application of a palladacycle. Tetrahedron Letters. 2011, 52: 7178–7181.
It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.

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