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Organosilicon is a class of compounds containing Si-C chemical bonds and organic groups. The basic structural unit of silicone is composed of a silicon-oxygen chain, and other groups are connected to organic groups. Therefore, silicone usually has both organic and inorganic properties. Its remarkable properties include:

  • Silicone products have high thermal stability and excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance.
  • The electrical properties of silicone products are little affected by temperature and frequency, so they have good electrical insulation and are widely used in the electronics industry, electrical fields and industrial production.
  • Silicone is an important element that constitutes human tissue and participates in metabolism, and is of great significance to human health.
  • Due to the structural characteristics of silicone, it is lower than that of hydrocarbons with the same molecular weight, and its surface tension is small, so its film-forming ability is strong, and it is widely used in defoaming agents, adhesives and lubricants et al.

The application

  • Conductive materials: Silicone products have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and can be used in conductive materials.

Silicones are widely used in conductorsFigure 1. Silicones are widely used in conductors

  • Silicone rubber: Silicone is used as an additive to enhance the properties of rubber, remaining flexible and elastic over a wide temperature range.

Silicones are widely used in silicone rubberFigure 2. Silicones are widely used in silicone rubber

  • Beauty Industry: Silicone in the beauty and hairdressing industry, including silicone wax, powder and gel products, can make the skin smooth, add luster and silky feeling, usually used in lotions, conditioners, softeners and et al.

Silicones are widely used in beauty IndustryFigure 3. Silicones are widely used in beauty Industry

  • Coating field: Silicone-added coatings have excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance, compatibility with organic resins, and can maintain long-term color and gloss.

Silicones are widely used in coating fieldFigure 4. Silicones are widely used in coating field

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