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Silicones, usually containing Si-C bonds, are the most abundant and widely used class of organosilicon compounds. Silicone products have many performance advantages, such as high flexibility, colorless and odorless, high transparency, hypoallergenic, high elasticity and strong antibacterial properties, widely used in construction industry, medical industry, consumer goods industry, automotive industry and industrial production, etc. in the field. Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has been engaged in the research in the field of silicone for a long time, providing high-quality services and products to customers around the world. We offer a wide variety of methyl-containing organosilanes, including dimethylsilane, trimethylsilane, vinylphenylmethylsilane and other silane derivatives.

Methylsilane is an important organosilicon intermediate and is widely used in many fieldsFigure 1. Methylsilane is an important organosilicon intermediate and is widely used in many fields

Excellent performance

The structure of organosilicon products contains organic and inorganic groups, which make it distance from organic and inorganic properties. Compared with other polymer materials, silicone products have excellent performance:

  • Silicone products generally have better heat resistance.
  • Silicone products have good electrical insulation properties, are less affected by temperature, and can be widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.
  • Bioactive silicone is an essential nutrient for the human body. Silicone is an important element that constitutes human tissue and participates in metabolism.
  • Low surface tension and low surface energy make silicones useful in adhesives, defoamers and lubricants.

About Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry has long been committed to advanced biotechnology, meeting customers' needs with efficient services and technologies. We are professional, precise, fast, and constantly innovating to meet customer needs with efficient services. We continue to break through technical bottlenecks, continuously meet customer demands for high standards of precision and purity, and strive for excellence.

Our technical team consists of experienced engineers, professional academic staff and advanced equipment, and constantly develops new and efficient silicone products to meet customer needs in an efficient and fast way.

Alfa Chemistry insists on providing professional services and products to meet the needs of customersFigure 2. Alfa Chemistry insists on providing professional services and products to meet the needs of customers

Efficient product customization to meet high standards

Alfa Chemistry has long focused on biotechnology, providing high-efficiency silicone products to customers around the world. We can offer a variety of methylsilane products, including a variety of methyl-containing silicone products. Our engineers have many years of experience and strong knowledge background, and can efficiently design customized solutions and customizations according to customer needs. If the product you want is not in our list, please contact us immediately for product customization.


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