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Iodosilane is an inorganic compound composed of silicon, hydrogen and iodine, an important synthetic reagent, a silylation reagent, and an important intermediate for the synthesis of other organosilicon chemical reagents. Alfa Chemistry has many years of rich experience in the industry, and takes high-quality high-end products as its core competitiveness to meet and exceed customer needs. The iodosilane reagents product list include tetraiodosilane, trimethylsilicon iodide, 1-Iodo-2- (Trimethylsilyl)acetylene and 1 (iodomethyl)trimethylsilane et al.

The application

  • Iodosilane is an important chemical reagent and is widely used in industrial synthesis.
  • Iodosilane is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of cefazolam hydrochloride, which has the advantages of mild conditions and high product purity, making it suitable for pharmaceutical preparations.

Iodosilanes can be used as intermediates.Figure 1. Iodosilanes can be used as intermediates.

Product customization

We have the ability to provide customers with various types of silicone reagents, which are widely used in many fields. If the reagent you want is not in the product list, please contact us today.


Iodosilane has special properties and needs to be paid more attention during transportation and use:

  • Iodosilane reacts rapidly with [Co(CO)4] containing methyl ether or ether solution at low temperature.
  • Diiodosilane is a flammable liquid. It releases flammable gas that can be spontaneously combusted in contact with water. It needs to be carried out under the condition of inert gas.
  • Trimethyliodosilane is highly flammable and appropriate protective clothing, gloves and goggles or masks are required when handling.


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