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Silane is a general term for a series of compounds, its general formula is SinH2n+2, which is mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen elements. The structure of ctylsilane is as follows:

The structures of common ctylsilaneFigure 1. The structures of common ctylsilane

Due to the structural properties of silane, which has both organic and inorganic properties, it is widely used in aerospace, construction industry, transportation industry, energy industry, chemical production, textile industry, medical industry and agriculture. Through thermal decomposition reaction, alkane can be prepared to obtain a series of silicon-containing compounds such as single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and silicon oxide.

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We are committed to providing high-quality silicone products and services to customers around the world, with excellent quality as our unique competitiveness, with advanced equipment and experienced experts, we insist on meeting and exceeding customer needs.

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The organosilane products we can provide include disilane, ethylsilane, methylsilane, phenylsilane, propylsilane, silicohexadecane, silylacetylene and vinylsilane et al. We focus on providing high-quality silicone products that can be widely used in many industries. If the product you want is not in the list, please contact us for product customization.


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