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Disilane is an inorganic compound whose chemical formula is Si2H6. It is a colorless and transparent gas at room temperature with a pungent odor. Disilane is a toxic compound, similar in properties to ethane, but the silicon-silicon bond is weaker than the carbon-carbon bond of ethane, so its chemical properties are more active. Disilane can be used to prepare high-purity silicon and is one of the important high-tech gases.

The structure of disilaneFigure 1. The structure of disilane

The application

Disilane can be used in solar cells, amorphous silicon films, oxide films, nitride films and chemical vapor deposition.

The synthesis methods

  • Reaction of aluminum silicide and hydrogen chloride to prepare disilane, trisilane and monosilane, etc., and separate to obtain disilane.
  • Reduction of hexachlorodisilane.
  • Monosilane can be polymerized to form advanced silane after glow discharge.


Disilane is active in nature and can spontaneously ignite in the air, so attention should be paid to isolating the fire source and paying attention to ventilation.

Customized product

The products of disilane that Alfa Chemistry can provide are not limited to disilane, but also include other silicon compounds with ethyl group. We insist on high quality as our competitiveness and professionally provide high quality silicone related products. If the product you want is not in our product list, please contact us for customization.


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