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Ethylsilane is a general term for a variety of organosilicon materials, including triethylsilane, tetraethylsilane, etc. and triacetoxyethylsilane et al, and is an important silane reagent. Ethylsilane is an intermediate of organosilicon and is usually used to synthesize organosilicon intermediates and various silane coupling agents

The application

  • Triethylsilane: The molecular formula is C6H16Si. A colorless and transparent organic silicon intermediate that is easily hydrolyzed to form a responsive condensate. Triethylsilane is a typical organosilicon intermediate and an important intermediate of various silane coupling agents.
  • Tetraethylsilane: A typical chemical raw material, the molecular formula is C8H2OSi. Tetraethylsilane is a colorless liquid with a unique mild odor.
  • Ethyltriacetoxysilane: It is an important organosilicon intermediate and organic coupling reagent, and can also be used for crosslinking of one-component RTV silicone rubber. Its molecular formula is (CH3CO2)3SiC2H5.

Ethylsilane is an important chemical raw material, a typical organic silicon intermediate and a silane coupling agent intermediateFigure1. Ethylsilane is an important chemical raw material, a typical organic silicon intermediate and a silane coupling agent intermediate

Wide application

Silicone materials are important industrial raw materials and intermediates, and have important applications in energy saving, environmental protection, new energy and industrial production. Silicone is an indispensable key factor in many fields. Through a series of processing, silicone products can obtain final high-quality finished and semi-finished products, which are used in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Construction industry: In sealants, adhesives and protective seals, it can be used to protect, enhance and beautify buildings.
  • Consumer goods: Because silicone is colorless, odorless, transparent, low in sensitization, high in flexibility, heat-resistant and antibacterial, silicone and its derivatives can be widely used in skin care products, washing products, and eye-red products for mothers and babies and kitchen supplies.
  • Medical industry: Silicone has the advantages of hydrophobicity, hypoallergenicity, high stability, durability, et al. It can be used to make medical devices (tubes, dental impressions, prostheses, respirators, intravenous drugs and blood transfusion systems), prosthetics and molds et al.
  • Automotive industry: The use of silicones makes the automotive industry more efficient, safer and more reliable. Silicone rubber, elastomers, sealants, lubricants and plastic additives are widely used in automotive parts.

Silicone products are widely used in many fields Figure 2. Silicone products are widely used in many fields

About us

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing high-quality service and support to customers around the world. Over the years, it has insisted on continuous development and innovation, and insisted on meeting customer needs with advanced services and products.

Support customization to meet customer needs

Related ethylsilane products that Alfa Chemistry can provide include triacetoxyethylsilane, triethylsilane, tetraethylsilane and trimethyl((4-nitrophenyl)ethynyl)silane. If the silicone product you want is not in our product list, please contact us for custom synthesis. In the future, our engineers continue to innovate to enrich organosilane reagents.


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