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Catalog Number ACM18023331-2
Product Name Vinyltriisopropoxysilane
CAS 18023-33-1
Synonyms vinyltriisopropoxysilane
Description It is used as coupling agent, adhesion promoters, crosslinking agent. It is used for sulfur and peroxide cured rubber, polyester, polyolefins, styrenics, and acrylics etc. It is used to copolymerize with ethylene for moisture induced coupling of polyethylene. It is used to graft to polyethylene for moisture induced coupling.
Molecular Weight 232.39 g/mol
Molecular Formula C11H24O3Si
Boiling Point 221.7 °C(760 mmHg)
Purity 0.98
Density 0.8630 ± 0.0100 g/mL
Appearance Clolorless liquid
Application It can be used in emulsion polymerization of the monomer. It also can cross-link vinyl silane and acrylic glue.
Storage Be airtight in a cool and dry environment
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